Materials Testing

Materials engineering identifies, analyzes, and recommends optimum types or combinations of structural construction materials. The objective in testing materials is to achieve the perfect balance of critical performance quality for a reasonable investment and encourage the most cost-effective solutions.

If structural materials perform inadequately, or if uncertainties exist about their quality, AIMRIGHT can quantify unknown properties, investigate, and report how and why these conditions exist. When requested, we will recommend acceptable alternatives.

Our firm has expertise with the properties of; soil, concrete, asphalt, and masonry materials, as well as the full range of construction practices. AIMRIGHT's personnel are skilled at determining or investigating construction problems and providing our clients with economical solutions.  AIMRIGHT’s technicians perform test per ASTM, ASSHTO, ACI, and other applicable standards.  Listed below is a representative list of some of the most common test requested by our firm.

Concrete Masonry
  •     Slump Testing
  •     Air Entrainment Testing
  •     Compressive Strength Sampling
  •     Flexural Strength Sampling
  •     Concrete Coring
  •     Windsor Probe Test
  •     Rebound Hammer Test
  •     Floor Flatness/Levelness

  •     Grout Strength Testing
  •     Structural Masonry Observation
  •     Flow Test
  •     Visual Slump Index
  •     Mortar Strength Testing
  •     Masonry Unit Testing
  •     Coarse/Fine Gradations
Earthwork Asphalt
  •     Nuclear Moisture/Density Test
  •     Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
  •     Standard/Modified Proctor Test
  •     Proofroll Inspections
  •     Soil Classifications

  •     Asphalt Binder Content
  •     Specific Gravity (Rice Method)
  •     Asphalt Coring
  •     Unit Wt./Specific Gravity of Core
  •     Coarse/Fine Gradations